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Why PHP?
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PHP is an open source (freely available) server side programming language that is quiet easy to understandable and is very efficient on multi-platforms like Windows, Linux, and UNIX etc. It is very flexible powerful language, most suitable for developing dynamic web pages.

PHP Training Institute with Center of Excellence

Introduction to PHP
PHP HTML Embedding Tags and Syntax Simple PHP Script Example.PHP and HTTP Environment Variables, PHP HTML Embedding Tags and Syntax, XHTML, CSS. Dreamv weaver, Data Transfer between pages, OOPs concepts, conditional Statements, looping, login script concepts, arrays, Auto Redirection, Functions, File Handling, String handling, Working with forms etc..
Advanced PHP
In the Advanced PHP training works over Session and session handling, Shopping card demo, File uploading and Downloading, Email, Cookies.working with advanced web technologies like Javascript, AJAX and Jquery getting Dynamic result.
PHP and MySql
This module includes training on working with database, MySql and database operations like insertion, Updation, Deletion Through database.Getting data in Tabular Format.
Live Projects
industrial php training in jaipur
Must for every fresher directly jump into any software organization. it covers indepth coverage of all the PHP project lifecycle (SDLC) and after this any one can fortune atleast 6 months of experience in IT. Competence Provide Training on Live Projects under the guidence of IT Experts.

Latest From Competence

  • Industrial Public PHP Trainings Jaipur

    PHP, a general-purpose server-side scripting language designed for website and we application development to produce dynamic web pages in the easy and efficient way.

  • Core PHP Training & Live Projects in Jaipur

    Now websites and web applications development is being mainly done by the PHP. Competence the best training institute that provides Core, Advance PHP training with live projects.

  • Industrial/Internship PHP Training in Jaipur

    Due to intense competition in the IT/Software industry, better software programming and development skills are in the demand. Competence since the inception leads in giving such type of record.

  • Summer Training for BTech, MCA 2010-11

    Successfully completed first Summer Training in Jaipur using PHP Technology along with projects with Amity University candidates Aqib, Rohit, Gaurav, Robin, Deepak rocked.

  • Advance PHP Training Company in Jaipur

    Competence, a unique and preferred institute in Jaipur for PHP advance training based on File Handling, Dynamic Data, Ajax, JQuery, CMS and customers projects.

  • Best PHP Training Center & Institute Jaipur

    Competence always gives special attention to the trainee candidates for their better learning ability, best job prospect, personal guidance and technical assistance with a difference.

  • Quality of Education & Training in Jaipur

    No matter of your skill level, not matter of your hesitation. Just come, join, learn and be the start of your own successful career. Please ask to our trainees for the feedback.

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